As a renewed real estate coach, Luther Ragsdale teaches motivation and hard work, using his own unique system. Throughout his professional career he has helped thousands of aspiring agents to turn into successful salespeople. Equipped with the right set of skills and a solid understanding of the real estate marketplace, Ragsdale knows how to bring out the best in people, and help them excel in their chosen field. The real estate coaching business wouldn’t be what it is today without him, and that is an undeniable fact.[1]

Using his positive attitude and strong drive, Ragsdale imparts his knowledge with the purpose of inspiring people, and helping them reach the top. By boosting their self esteem, he gives people the tools to gain access to their higher potential.

History Edit

Luther Ragsdale first entered the corporate world in 1988, and over time he managed to build his way up. On his way up, driven by strong desire to succeed, and equipped with a positive attitude, he was able to overcome every challenge that would get on his way, and conquer every obstacle that was keeping him away from his ultimate goal. His coaching products for licensed real estate agents and his bestselling books have brought him worldwide recognition and fame.

In 1996 he practically founded Platinum Real Estate.

In 1998 he moved to Atlanta, where he founded his own coaching company.

In 1999 this real estate coach started his own TV program titled Wealth Building with Luther Ragsdale’, which really took off, and was broadcasted on the air for over 10 years.

References Edit

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